Brad and Monika Spalding of Wild Brumby Distillery have commissioned international sculptor, Konstantin Dimopoulos, to install a unique sculpture on the grounds of the Distillery. The kinetic sculpture titled ‘Yellow’, contructed of yellow rods moves in the wind. The integrity of the rods’ aesthetic remains whether the sculptures is moving in the wind, or unmoving on a still day.

Dimopoulos’ work can be seen all over the world. In previous years his ‘The Blue Trees’ has been installed outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London and around the USA in Sacramento, Seattle, Albuquerque, Houston, Galveston and Norcross. This year he will be creating The Blue Trees in Colorado and for the Vancouver Biennale and at Wild Brumby alongside ‘Yellow’.

The Blue Trees is an environmental art installation that draws attention to global deforestation and the importance of trees to the planet. This work sees Dimopoulos transform living trees by colouring them blue with biologically-safe, water-based colourant.

“We are creatures who like certainty and we become disconcerted when our environment changes,” says Dimopoulos, “yet we have altered and destroyed much of the global environment.

“It is easy to restore the trees we have colored blue back to their natural state. Yet the primordial Old Forests that are hundreds of years old are still disappearing at an alarming rate with no option of restoration, and with this destruction we have caused the extinction of countless species of other flora and wildlife. Old Forests are the lungs of the earth, providing much of the oxygen we breathe”

“I have always known that art is and has always has been an extended part of nature and that art can effect social change.
For that to happen one has to move out of the art institutions and
galleries and move outside among nature and people in their living spaces.”

Yellow_Day_DimopoulosAndrew Gray, General Manager of South East Arts says “It’s amazing to have a sculptor of Dimopoulos’ calibre bringing his work to our region. To see ‘The Blue Trees’ is a real honour and a reminder of how art can effect how interact with the world we live in.

“To have ‘Yellow’ as a permanent installation is a great boost to arts and culture in SE NSW and in particular to the High Country.” said Mr Gray.

‘Yellow’ and ‘The Blue Trees’ will be on display at Wild Brumby Distillery, Jindabyne from 16 April, as ‘The Blue Trees’ is an ephemeral artwork, the colourant naturally degrading from the trees, it will exist only as long as the colour does. ‘Yellow’ is a permanent installation.


More information on Konstantin Dimopoulos at
For information on the installations at Wild Brumby please contact Brad Spalding on Ph. 6457 1447