Wangganga (women in Dhurga language) is the new Autumn exhibition at the Bundian Way Gallery in Delegate, opening 29 March. The exhibition features artworks by the Koori Women’s Group in Mogo which provides a space for Aboriginal women or women with Aboriginal families of all ages, to come together and talk about their social & emotional health and wellbeing. While creating their art, the women share stories about family from birth to aged care, financial and other issues that affect women on a day-to-day basis.

Jodie Rose-Cotter from NSW Health coordinates the group and believes it provides a valuable opportunity for the women. “They share traditional knowledge and over time have developed a strong support network”, she explained. “We also have health, employment and education support workers to facilitate the group that can help with any questions or referrals to other services”.

One of the women, Alice McKenzie, has considerable experience as a visual artist. “I originally studied art at the Petersham TAFE in Sydney and was an art teacher at Newtown Primary School for 10 years prior to moving to Mogo. I use aboriginal totems as my inspiration”.

Other artists in the exhibition include Sonia Scott, Kizzy Nye, Sherrie Nye, Sandra Ellis and Jodie Rose-Cotter. The Koori Women’s Group in Mogo meet every Friday to practice Aboriginal traditional art and craft therapy. You can follow their activities on the Facebook page Wangganga Aboriginal Art Exhibition.

The Bundian Way Art Gallery, located in the historic old bank building in Delegate, has housed many exhibitions since it was officially launched in December 2012. The gallery was established as part of the Bundian Way project – the Bundian Way is a shared history pathway between Targangal (Kosciuszko) and Bilgalera (Fisheries Beach) that connects the highest part of the Australian continent and the coast.

Image: Artists from the Koori Women’s Group in Mogo (l to r) Kizzy Nye, Julie, Aunty Alice McKenzie, Jodie Rose-Cotter, Sonia Scott, Sherrie Nye and Sandra Ellis.