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Here are some great tips from our judges from past YOOFTube competitions:

Have fun and think about what you are going to do.


Plan your filming, you can shoot on anything digital, even a phone and we will find a way to get it on the big screen. However it will be better if you can shoot on a dedicated video camera.


Plan your story, then look at it again to see what can you change around or leave out to make it compelling viewing. Are your characters interesting and believable. Film is a visual medium, show, don’t tell. Watch lots of short films to see what is out there and possible. Steer away from clichés and be prepared to spend as much time on the script or story as the filming and editing. Set your film somewhere interesting and practical.


Turn the sound completely off on some television shows and watch how images are put together to tell a story. This will teach you more than any film school. Shoot different angles of the same scene and edit them together to make a richer, more engaging story.


Sound, there is a film making saying “if you don’t have good sound, you have no pictures”. If you are mixing music with dialogue try to keep them the same volume in the finished edit. If possible use an external mic and get it as close as possible to the actors. If you are using the microphone built into the camera, get close. Don’t use copyrighted music!


Keep it still. “Wobblecam” is hard to look at. Sometimes you need to walk with the camera or hold it, but normally its better to have it on a tripod. That doesn’t mean it can’t move, panning and tilting the camera is good and getting it moving on a skateboard or something with wheels is great.


Keep it big! Shoot in HD, or the highest resolution you can, remember this is going on the big screen. 1920 x 1080 at 25FPS (frames per second) is ideal. When you import your footage onto a computer, keep it in as high a resolution as possible. For example if you shot in HD don’t let “iMovie” or whatever you are editing in change the file to 640 x 360 or a small “youtube” size file. When you’ve edited the film render it as HD file not a DVD, and MPEG or H264 File. Put that file on a thumb drive. Remember the larger the file, the better.


Keep your film under 7 minutes include title and credits.


Put your film’s title at the start and the credits at the end.


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