One of South East Art’s major past projects  has been the Waterways Musuem. Artists from Sydney-based Erth Visual and Physical theatre company workedwith local artists, students and the community to presenta futuristic, creative and educational installation,as part of the Eurobodalla River of Art Festival which tookplace 16-24 May.

Presentedby South East Arts, the Waterways Museumat the Moruya Showground Pavilion was astunning visual experience for all ages. Immersive installations, puppetry, performance and imagined artefacts took visitors onan imaginative journey into the water museum of the future.

ThroughThe Waterways wormhole, visitors travelled through time and experienced the ‘water that was’, in a future world imagined by today’s students and local artists – where people actually used sprinklers, flushing toilets and allowed plastic and rubbish to enter their precious waterways.

Pipes, pumps and contraptions creatively explored water’s role in our day-to-day lives. The Underwater Room introduced visitors to sea creatures of the ‘past’ and the mutated ‘present’.

Visitors were left wondering how their lives currently impact on our water supply and what efforts they could make to protect this valuable resource for the future.

Artists from Erth Visual and Physical Inc. – Aesha Henderson and Brian Martinez– werejoined by local artists including Toby Whitelaw, Derek Crannaford, Julie Hurt, Sue Barford and Brett Martin, as well as engaging with students fromvarious schools within the Eurobodalla Shire.

The Storm Crew (Bermagui Public School and Battlebird) werebrought together by Luke Ferguson to bring you H2WOAH! – the cool kids of Grade 2 rapping with a real message about not taking water for granted.