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Young filmmaker, Gary Lonesborough dropped into the South East Arts (SEA) office this week to talk about how he got into film and his plans for the future. We fired off some quick questions to get an insight his world.

Gary, who graduated from Bega High School in 2013, is home to screen his short film The Children, along with short films of his 2015 classmates from the Sydney Film School. Gary has recently completed his Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media at the Sydney Film School.

Did you always want to make movies?

No, I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid. Then I started watching the special features on DVDs and realised that making films was what I wanted to do.

You are a published author, is storytelling your thing?

I self-published my novel Caterpillars and Butterflies in 2013, whilst doing my HSC. Writing is something I’ve always loved, I’m always writing something. Now, through film, I am enjoying exploring new ways of storytelling.

Has living in the city changed your storytelling?

I think there is a bigger world of stories in a regional area. In the city you just get on the train, get to where your going and go home. In the country you have freedom you will never get in the city.

Do you enjoy the technical aspects of film making?

I love editing, sound design and mixing.

The short film Blinky is a story of love and loss between a girl and her fish which is screening with The Children at Bega High this week was edited by me, as well as Amelia, a phsycological drama that I did the sound design for.

What are your plans for 2016?

I’m starting a paid internship on a feature film in Sydney soon. It’s directed by Rachel Perkins and I am excited to be working with her for about 6 weeks. After that – well, I’m always looking for new opportunities.

What is your ultimate industry goal?

I’d like to work as a writer and director. I love thrillers and mysteries, things that are character driven, focussing on relationships between people and their environment. But having said that, I’m not tied to any particular genre.

Who are you biggest influences?

It sounds cliched but definitely Stanely Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino. Their styles are strong. They are very present in their films and are great story tellers. I recently attended a special screening of Hateful Eight with a Q&A with Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell in Sydney, on my birthday. Best birthday ever.

What advice would you give to regional students considering film as a career?

Explore your options locally before you look elsewhere. Be open and adventurous. My first few weeks at film school were really intense, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. If you can, get involved in local film making and get to know the ropes a bit.

Watch special features on dvds and research film to make sure it really does intrigue you.

What are your plans for The Children?

I’m thinking about entering it in some film festivals. It won the Audience Award at the SFS End of Year Screenings which is pretty high praise, coming from my peers.


See The Children by award-winning young Bega film maker Gary Lonesborough, Friday 22 January at Bega High 6pm. Also other shorts by Gary’s fellow students from the Sydney Film School. The Children was shot locally (Gillards Beach and Candelo) and won the Audience Award at the Sydney Film School 2015 End of Year screenings. Entry is free.

As well as accolades already received from SFS and with a swag of film awards that are no doubt coming his way, Gary also comes with these notches in his belt:

  • 2012 Patrick White Young Indigenous Writers Award
  • 2013 Bega RSL Club sub-branch YR 12 scholarships
  • 2014 Bega Valley Shire Young Australian of the Year

Gary will join us this year as a judge for YOOFTube 2016.

Image by Jameson Fahy of Gary Lonesborough

Image: Jameson Fahy