‘Most people call me Auntie Rita, whites as well as Aboriginal people. Auntie is a term of respect of our older women folk. You don’t have to be blood-related or anything. Everyone is kin. That’s a beautiful thing because in this way no one is ever truly alone, they always have someone they can turn to.’

Rita Huggins told her memories to her daughter Jackie, and some of their conversation is in this book. We witness their intimacy, their similarities and their differences, the ‘fighting with their tongues’. Two voices, two views on a shared life.

This title has been translated into other languages.

Jackie Huggins is a highly respected Aboriginal rights activist and author from the Bidjara and Birri-Gubba Juru peoples of Queensland. She has taught in the university sector and held many senior positions in Aboriginal and statutory organisations. She was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2001.