There are fourteen Regional Arts Development Organisations in NSW, each providing strategic direction for sustainable arts and cultural development in their region, and supported by the umbrella organisation, Regional Arts NSW.

Our Boards include representatives from local government, tourism, education, arts councils and other community arts organisations and community members. Each employs an Executive Director and other staff who coordinate a cultural development program across the contributing local government areas in their region.

We work across the state offering region-wide perspectives of the needs and opportunities for arts and cultural development and its benefits.

South Easts Arts is proud to be one of the 14 Regional Arts Development Organisations (RADOs) across NSW.

We are delighted to share with you a detailed introduction to our network, through an E-book showing the value that the RADOs bring to their communities both as individual organisations and as a united network that advocates for the importance and success of regional artists.

It demonstrates examples of the innovative practices and programs that the RADOs have undertaken and highlights the impact that this network has within each of the communities where they operate.

Please enjoy reading the stories of just a few of our successes.