Snowy Monaro Region Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

Snowy Monaro Regional Council is accepting nominations for its Arts and Culture Advisory Committee. The Committee will comprise of up to 6 community representatives, representation from South East Arts, Council staff and a Councillor.

Council is seeking nominations from suitable people who possess the following:
• An active connection to the Snowy Monaro community
• Contemporary knowledge, skills or involvement in the arts and culture industry, either professionally or through involvement with community-based organisations
• Interest in and commitment to the development of arts and culture in our region
• The ability to work collaboratively with others in a consultative role
• Appreciation for strategic thinking and planning in the Local Government context

The primary role of the Committee is to:
Promote arts and culture in the Snowy Monaro region and provide strategic advice to Snowy Monaro Regional Council for the development of arts and culture.
The Committee will do this by:
• Contributing to discussions regarding the Council’s strategic priorities for arts and cultural development within the region, including supporting the development and implementation of a Regional Arts and Culture Plan.
• Facilitating informed communication between community representatives and Council in arts and cultural related disciplines.
• Contributing to the ongoing review of the Council’s arts and cultural initiatives, including infrastructure and public art.
• Promoting and facilitating opportunities for the community to be creative and express themselves.
• Contributing to the development and enhancement of a strong, recognisable public profile for the arts in the Snowy Monaro.

The Committee will meet quarterly with the meeting location to be determined by consensus. Participation in meetings via digital means such as phone or Skype is possible.

If you’re interested in sitting on this committee, please complete a nomination form by 5pm Wednesday 10 April 2019. Forms can be found on Council’s website, link below, or at any Council office and library.

To download the form…