Artist Weekend Workshop in February

A Body Weather Workshop at Tanja on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of February 2020

What is Body Weather?

Body Weather is a practice of relevance to anyone interested in exploring the body, physical presence and mindfulness.

Body Weather was founded in the early 1980’s by Japanese dancer Min Tanaka. It is a broad-based training that proposes a practical strategy to the mind and the body. It is not just for ‘professional dancers’ or ‘performance practitioners’ alone but is an open investigation that can be relevant for anyone interested in exploring the body.

Frank van de Ven performed in Min Tanaka’s Mai-Juku company in Japan from 1983-1991 and was a peer of Tess De Quincey who brought the practice of Body Weather to Australia in 1989. Body Weather training and performance practice have been further developed in Laboratories worldwide by students of Min Tanaka.

Frank’s Body/Landscape projects continually investigate new sites across the globe. Since 1995 he has led the annual, interdisciplinary Bohemiae Rosa Project with Milos Sejn (Academy of Art & Design Prague Czech Republic) connecting body and landscape with art, geology and architecture.

Frank leads 10-day Body/Landscape workshops in Australia and internationally, in the Czech Republic, Ireland, USA, Spain, UK, Canada, Norway, France and Scotland amongst others.

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Why do Body Weather?

Body Weather training amplifies perception and has a wide variety of applications across several interests.

This workshop is not only suited to dance, theatre and movement practitioners but visual artists and mature students of various backgrounds including, sculptors, photographers, architects, writers and people with interest in the environment. Body Weather’s primary focus is artistic and not therapeutic; however, it does research mind-body connections. If you are someone who likes being physical in a sensory manner and enjoy movement or contemplative practice/s, i.e. yoga, Body Weather will appeal to you.


This Body Weather workshop at BedrockCreators is organised in partnership with Navigate Arts Tanja 

For more information or bookings email or phone Lee Pemberton on 0474453319


Frank van de Ven photographer Peter Fraser, Cape Paterson 2014
Feature Image: Frank van de Ven photographer Bertram Dhellemmes, Brussels 2003