Victor Ego or The Brainstorm

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Victor Ego or The Brainstorm is a ‘one-man’ play, conceived, written and performed by Patrick Dickson. Hugo is at work in his studio as he pulls together the essential ingredients of a ripping yarn which will become a best-selling novel. He conjures up a cast of characters and spices their relationships with betrayal, obsession, love, sacrifice and a dash of skullduggery. The beautiful, rugged seascape of the Norman Archipelago isn’t simply a back-drop; for Hugo it’s a powerful and unpredictable player in the drama of life and death.

The play is both a distillation of a gothic romance and an exploration of the imagination and alchemy of one of the greatest literary figures of the nineteenth century.

This production can only happen with the creative support of O’Punksky’s theatre, a Sydney company Patrick has been associated with for nearly 30 years. The project also features the essential and welcome contribution of local media artists.

Patrick Dickson is a well-known and well-respected Australian actor. He played a pivotal character in the ABC’s famous Seachange series and is extremely well known in the Sydney theatre circles. He also appeared in Janet King, Bridge Too Far, Home & Away and Rogue Nation.


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