New Beginnings by Sylke Claridge

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“NEW BEGINNINGS” for the Lazy Lizard Gallery.
This February we are pleased to welcome Sylke Claridge, a German Expressionist landscape artist, to our little gallery!
Sylke comes with a very long and impressive CV. It includes not only a wide area of study and qualifications in art, design and print making, but also exhibitions in Germany, France, Switzerland and Australia, where she has operated a gallery and curated exhibitions for some pretty renowned artists. She also participated with Aboriginal Elders during the Avalon Art Festival in the amazing Pittwater Surfboard Timeline sculpture.
All very impressive stuff. However, while we simple country folk appreciating the importance of such matters, we have other values as well…..we need to sense the genuine essence of a person, to be sure that they appreciate the unique beauty of our area and the warmth and variety of our community. Sylke gets with full marks…..she has embraced our area with genuine love and enthusiasm. She has recently moved onto a few acres near Wallaga Lake, Tilba Tilba and she loves the nature here. Her works originate in the wild. She carries paints, water and paper to remote wilderness settings and lets nature speak to her as she works. Nowadays, country areas round Tilba, Cobargo, and beaches down the coast to Eden are her haunts. She says “I want to infuse my artworks with love and energy, so that they likewise exude this in their future homes….”
Sylke is someone who radiates energy, so her second favourite thing is, (you guessed it,) the Cobargo Bikram Yoga Group….a family of hot Yoga enthusiasts!
Her exhibition, “New Beginnings,” will be in the gallery from Friday, 1st February till Thursday 28th and we will have an opening to meet the artist, (recommended) on Saturday morning 9th Feb., from 10am.
Check out Sylke’s work on her website She is also a Feng-Shui consultant and can be contacted for this on 0410-966 404.


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