Mimosa Duo @ Murrah Hall

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Finally! The Mimosa Duo will very soon be performing at the renown Murrah Hall. For most of you this is no doubt going straight into your diaries but for those of you unacquainted with Australia’s finest guitar and violin duo, start paying attention! The Mimosa Duo are Morgan and Phoebe, they are an Australian born and bred duo that have been performing together all over the world for the past 10 years. They have toured all over France, Australia and New Zealand alongside frequently being asked to perform on luxury cruise ships anywhere in this world and the next.

Mimosa play a wide range of music. Having been classically trained at the Sydney Con, yet Gypsy Jazz trained in the streets of Paris, they posses a unique ability to modify songs in their own special way to suit their pedantic needs. They are much like the finest of modern day craft beers, flavour a plenty, hidden touches of mysterious tang, and after hearing a set or two one feels giddy and is possessed with the belief that they can achieve anything!

Its always a fun night out with the Mimosa Duo so whether you have seen them live before or not, come on down for a taste of their delectable, salty yet sweet smorgasbord of tunes.


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