Learn Professional Theatre (not film) Techniques @ the Murrah: Performance: How to Do It Again, Safely, Superbly – Live! and Learning to accept, value and love the Dag or Stupide’ part of you with Howard Stanley (chief stupider)

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The workshop is suitable for those with an interest or desire in live performance and presentation, including Writers and Directors.

Starting mid-July – only at the Murrah Hall.

The first part, Playing Space, is suitable for anyone who stands in front of other people in a creative, educational or business capacity or context.
The following workshops are for the conscious acquisition of live theatre performance skills and the beginnings of a performative attitude.

Background to these Workshops
I discovered ‘theatre’ when I was a 17-year-old impersonating a dying 87-year-old London Cockney Jew (The Bespoke Overcoat, Mankewietz) in the Adult or Open Monologue section of the Hunter Valley’s Abermain Eistedford on a hot, crowded, summer night in an overheated hall with crap acoustics.
I discovered the ‘light’ and that quality or atmosphere of ‘held silence’ of an audience entranced.
And the sense of all boundaries and all-time disappearing into ‘now’.
I discovered the joy of now and how delicate it is. Not unlike surfing a wave.
It was, apart from breathing, possibly, the first competent thing I’d done in my then young life.
I’d scored 94%.

The career-enduring question was, obviously, subsequently: how to do it again?
This is the workshop: learning how to do it and then how to do it again – but not repeat it – that way is not happy.

Since then, both performance and process have been and are my lifelong artistic passions. Given my age, it is time to share my ongoing Theatre love affair and it’s processes with this community of ‘all age gifted children’, by opening up the career toolkit and inviting you in.

I commit to these workshops with the hope that theatre in this region no longer remains the largely unconscious, technique-poor cousin of music, dance, the visual and written arts.
The talent is here – it could be time to step-up. Make world-class theatre-magic, locally.


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