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Natalie Power

An exhibition worthy of seeing

Natalies art has been inspired by storms and the surrounding landscapes from the Illawarra and Monaro region through to the sapphire coast areas.

In this recent phase she has blended the old with the new, some of her works represent change by including gates in many landscape pictures which are symbolic of crossing from one world to the next.

Her woven canvases have become her own original blank canvases to paint or draw. This adds texture and most of all the movement of the textiles frozen in time by paint.

Natalie also does abstract flowers as either paintings, sketches or etching into dried paint layers. Focusing on both fresh and wilting cut flowers, she is drawn to observing fading flowers.

Natalies says “there is something beautiful but mysterious about observing the changes that take place as the flower looses its vibrancy or its lustre. I prefer roses, I adore them, I love their scent, I’m bringing together the contrast of both fresh and wilting flowers, as they decompose at different rates. I am drawing on similarities between the break down or change of matter and the state of our minds”