Artless Bastards – A New Podcast from South East Arts!

Artless Bastards have launched their SECOND EPISODE, featuring Actor Patrick Dickson and Choreographer Lee Pemberton.
Join hosts Jazz Williams and Andrew Gray from South East Arts as they dissect and disinfect the stories and processes of regional artists while we ride out the public health pandemic of Covid-19. Take some time to get to know regional artists, arts workers, creative producers and performers from the south east of NSW and beyond.

As well as conversations with regional creative practitioners, Jazz and Andrew will provide helpful creative business advice that applies to anyone working in the arts and cultural sector, as well as tips on grant writing, fundraising, connecting with audiences, event management and more.
Monica Davidson is the founder and lead business advisor of Creative Plus Business and will be a regular guest on Artless Bastards. She is all about blending creative practice and business skills in a fun, practical and holistic way.

Don’t let the Artless Bastard that is Covid-19 stop you from being connected to artists and creative adventures – listen online to our regular podcast.

All past and future episodes will be archived on the website so you won’t miss out.

Illustrations by Seraphina Leahy