Another Extinction is the first performance work created by BlueSky – a collaboration between dancers Lee Pemberton and Delia Silvan.

The piece traverses many landscapes – inner and outer – exploring memories and feelings, insight and blindness.

Another Extinction is an unfolding. A reflection on transformation where the absurd morphs into the mythic, death spiral into life. Ever-evolving.

Author and director Rodney Hall has donated his time and support as an outside eye at key points of the development.

David Hewitt has created a wonderful encompassing sound score, and Matthew Scott has designed the lighting and provided invaluable help mounting the production of this piece.

The Old Tanja Church is the home of Navigate Arts. A 19th-century historic building, it has recently been taken over by two theatre professionals (Louise Morris and Matthew Scott) and re-imagined as a performance hub.

It is unique within our regional area, providing a desperately needed resource and platform for independent performing artists.

We’ve had a great time here – big thanks to Louise, Matt and family for welcoming us!

Another Extinction March 20 & 21 @ 7pm Navigate Arts Tanja