The Little Festival with the Big Heart

What did people do for entertainment before the digital age brought us iPads and iPods and laptops and Netflix and Facebook? Before we were chained to the idea that sitting on a chair and staring at a screen for hours was a source of mind-expanding pleasure?

Come to the Numeralla Folk Festival and find out!

Between January 20th and 22nd, 2017 you can experience real, three dimensional fun. Indulge ALL of your senses.

  • Smell the fresh country air – the scent of eucalyptus blossoms, the aroma of country fare straight out of the oven.
  • Taste the home cooking at the kitchen or bite into a tasty treat from the bar-b-que.
  • Feel the breeze in your hair, the silky water of the river against your skin.
  • Watch a myriad of bird species fluttering in the trees.
  • Listen to the symphony of bush sounds by the river junction.

But all of these delights are an everyday part of the picturesque village of Numeralla.

During the annual folk festival your senses will positively explode with happiness!

You can listen to an array of fine singers and musicians. Some of Canberra’s finest singer songwriters and folk performers will entertain you at the Sunday afternoon Blackboard concert. A surprise package of talented young musicians will take your breath away at the Youth Showcase on Friday night. Fingers will be flying over strings at the Bluegrass workshop and jam on Saturday afternoon, along with our guest performer Allison Wonderland.

There are bush dances, kid’s activities, dance workshops, poetry recitals… and if all of that exhausts you, you can relax at the country markets on Sunday.

There are no membership fees. You don’t have to log in. You don’t have to join up. You don’t have to click anywhere. In fact, you don’t have to do anything except turn up and have a good time.

There is no cost. No entry fees, no camping fees. All activities are absolutely free.

Want to learn more about how people still entertain themselves in the 21st century without any digital devices? More info HERE

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