Targeted Support for Indigenous Arts, Regional Arts and respected charity Support Act

To help the Arts sector deal with the devastating impact of COVID-19, which has seen performances cancelled, venues closed and many performers and crew hit by the loss of gigs, the Morrison McCormack Government is committing $27 million in targeted support across three particularly vulnerable areas of specific need.

In regional Australia, many artists and venues have been hit hard by the COVID-19 driven shutdown, coming as it does after the devastating summer bushfires.

The Government is providing $10 million to help regional artists and organisations develop new work and explore new delivery models. The funding will be delivered through Regional Arts Australia’s Regional Arts Fund.

In remote Australia, self-isolation due to COVID-19 means Indigenous arts centres are unable to receive visitors, and the income that many artists rely on to support themselves and their families has dried up.

To support Indigenous artists and arts centres, the Government is providing $7 million in additional funding. The funding will be delivered under the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program.

At this difficult time, well respected industry charity Support Act is doing important work providing financial support and counselling to artists and crew who have seen their work and livelihoods dry up overnight.

The Government is providing $10 million to Support Act, to enable it to extend its important work across the arts sector.

These targeted measures come on top of the Government’s JobKeeper initiative and expanded JobSeeker payment.

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